Sunday, 24 November 2013

The World Went Dark.

               On the previous post,I've put 'a lot of things that happened between these 5 months'.Yeah,too many things.I'll just post one thing :

I've lost someone.
    On July,He left his friends.And me.I've known him for like 3 years but in between June only I started to talk to him.I've regretted so many times on why I didn't befriend with him long before.I didn't really get the chance to know him better but arwah was a nice guy.Friendly,caring and pretty happy go lucky I may say.He even shared the same interests with me on games and stuff :) We talked a lot and to be honest he brighten up my day haha.But unfortunately we never talked in real life just on chats.I know,sad right? He left us without a notice.

The day he went to leave us forever,we just did what we usually do,staring from the far haha.The friendship was quite good at that time I guess.He cared a lot about me.Saying nice things to calm me down.

And the next day,he was gone.

I've cried a million times,especially when I just got the news.I was at school and then my friend told me,he died in a car accident.At first I thought my friend was only joking.But then it was confirmed.It hit me so hard.

My world collapsed.

I had a really rough time to accept the fate that he was gone.I really do.For once,I thought I've lost my spirit.The spirit was taken away with him.I guess I could say that arwah was the one that lifted up my spirits in many ways.So when the person that give my spirits went away,I lose myself,again.I didn't know what to do at that time,except hating the fate.Trials was around the corner and I didn't even study.How could you study when you just lost one of the important person in your life.

That was why I ended up with a bad trial result.

But day by day,I started to accept the fate.He might be gone,but I'm the one who's living have to continue my day.Let the past go.I can't live in sadness forever.He left for good.I stay for good.People say that Allah will take the good person first.And he really was a good person.

I always pray to Allah that his afterlife will be good and that He blesses arwah in all ways.Well sometimes I do cry when I listen his name or when I recite Yasin for him.Sigh..I really miss that cheeky boy. :(

I know you're not reading this man but may you get this message in your after life.Thanks for everything dude,you were there for me when I've lost my spirits.You were the one who calmed me down when I'm in anger.You shared the same interests with me & I still miss that.You were the one that brighten up my day.I'm still missing the moment we made plans for after PMR or just some crazy ideas that crossed our minds.I know 2 months was a very short time compared to how long you've known your other friends but well you know what?

Dude,you mean a lot to me.

You have your name in my prayers,always and forever.


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