Sunday, 10 June 2012


Hello :) . Okay today i won't be writing much as i'm preparing for school tomorrow . WHAT ?! SCHOOL ?! yeap , that's right . School is starting tomorrow and hell yeah i'm not ready for it . Well i'm happy because i can meet my Saerians again , but what i'm afraid of is the mid-year exam's result . Arghh stressed! BUT i think i've done well of answering the papers . But no high hopes fot maths okay ? As usual :s

Back to the topic , i was reading the newspaper few weeks ago and something caught my attention . THIS AWESOME SMARTWATCH . This is Sony's . I think it's cool because we can connect the watch with our Androids :) here's a review about it from malaysia's msn -   Part of Sony's portfolio of 'Smart Extras', the new Sony Smartwatch offers you wireless access to your smartphone from your wrist via Bluetooth. It works with any Android device, not just Sony Xperia handsets, and offers you anything you'd want to see from your phone - from text messages to your Facebook - all on the screen of the watch. It will even let you control your music player, and has a 'find my phone' feature to make your handset ring, even when it's on silent, to help you when you've misplaced it.

I think i'm going to get it :b

Thanks Everyone :)