Wednesday, 11 June 2014


          The last post was published on December 11 2013. I am now updating on 12th June 2014. Man, I suck at blogging. So much for 'blogging is my new hobby' huh. I usually don't really know what to post since my life sucks and boring. But I kind of miss this blog so yeah. Just gonna update on things that have been going around in my life.

          I got straight A's for PMR. Man was I relieved and happy for that.Sleepless night, sacrificing 9GAG for tuition, ignoring small talks, staybacks at library. Gotta admit I kind of missed 2013. It was a lot of fun,no fake friends, just happy times I guess. It overwhelming year after all.

         So now I'm in Form 4. I'm in pure science stream. My class is 4S4. I LOVEEEEEEEEE this class man. It's just the same as my previous one (3 Amal) but louder,noisier and crazier. I got to know and make new friends. My teachers are all pretty great. I also have a intense liking towards addmaths, which is kind of weird since I hate maths since I was in F1. I guess it's just different. I also discovered that I loathe physics. Man god know how much I hate that subject. It's driving me crazy because I can't really get ahold of it. But I'm trying my best to make physics work on me. 

         I guess this is the year where I started to get my life apart. Putting the pieces back to their original places. Everything is falling back to their positions. I concentrate more on my studies,I take care more of my health, I don't depress myself anymore, I make new friends and I stay away from fake people, I find new hobbies and good music ( I love 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER hashtag 5SOSFAM), I'm more relaxed and I don't get so worked out on small things. I'm more rational now. I'm starting to have a purpose in life, rather than going around mindlessly. I know, I know it's probably just a growing up phase but I like it. I'm having so much fun now. Rather than saying I hate my life before, I'm just gonna say that I really love my life now.

I hope you guys are having a good life as well. Take care x

Thanks Everyone :)