Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Too Good To Be True

EXAM'S OVER . THIS IS FREEDOM !! XD Haha last Thursday , I got the last exam's paper . Perdagangan was so easy , seriously . Didn't expect i could answer it easily . And then , the moment when teacher have collected the paper , everyone was singing and dancing like crazy people . Haha it was full of laughter and joy . I myself couldn't believe exam was over . It was too good to be true :D 

Now , exam's over . 2 weeks of holiday . I don't know what to do . Dammit . Suppose holiday would be fun . But seriously , boriiingg . Ni lah masa masanya yang aku rasa macam nak pergi sekolah balik :P Silly aite ? Bila cuti nak sekolah , bila sekolah nak cuti . So ungrateful . Boo to myself.

Monday, 28 May 2012


A bit of depression filled my brain last week.Exam week lah as usual .All the subjects were easy,but seriously I'm totally afraid when it comes to maths.Got an headache after answering the paper.I think that's why it's called Mental Abuse To Human . Even scarier this mid-year examination,form 1 topics also involved.With 12 chapters of agama to memorize and 4 killing chapters of science to read,including 4 damn-so-hard-man-to-study chapters of Perdagangan , the teachers must be mad.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Everybody Talks

Hello everyone :) 

                                                  *idk if this is talking :p*

so , let's start with the title . Everybody Talks ? yes , everybody DO talks because they got mouth . muahaha okay not funny . lately i've been getting a lot of negative comments , saying bad , bad things about me . i was like , WTH ?! you know how it feels when you always treat people nicely , but what comes back to you are out from your expectation.wayyyyyy far from your expectation . that's what i'm facing right now . everywhere i go , even to the toilet , i noticed some fingers pointed at me and whispered to their friends . i get it . i know why this is happening . i'm different . i know . i always know .

but , on the brighter note , i'm glad i'm different . i don't want to be some pathetic , normal , common people . that would be booooooooooring . haha okay gtg now , see ya ! - this is where i got le title :P

Thanks Everyone :)