Thursday, 30 May 2013

Right Now


    I didn't update my blog for a while,so I guess I'll give you guys a brief summary about my life now.Life has been pretty amazing with me surrounded by my family and friends.I'm also a little bit busy with hectic schedule and so on but I guess that's what you get when you're Form 3.Tuitions,extra classes,studying,school,projects,I've might been lucky for not turning to a lunatic.Haha.

Oh,and I'll be writing for my blog in full English after this =)

Recently,I had my mid-term examinations.And boy,STAR's teachers sure have a way to make the students go crazy with the questions.Haha it was actually not so hard but I guess when you studied last minute at 3am the day before the exam,the brain won't cooperate with you.I'm starting to feel nervous because PMR is like few months away and I haven't covered Form2 and Form3.Sigh.When you're surrounded with gadgets and social networks,books will never be your friends.

So strictly,FACEBOOK AND TWITTER WILL BE ACTIVATED ON WEEKEND.Hahahahaha I guess I will break the rule in no time but yeah.Will be studying smart and hard to get 8A's for PMR cause I want to go for science stream!!!! =D Wish me luck.

Thanks Everyone :)