Wednesday, 2 January 2013

First Day Being A Form 3 Student

               Today is the first day of school and the first day of being a F3 student.I was nervous before I went to school today.Haha it's funny because I don't even know why.This was my face when I met with my friends :

                                        Okay it wasn't 100% like this but you get my idea!

       Then we went for assembly and the new principal sure can't keep her mouth shut.I was like 'yo man whaddup' rocking the gangsta slang to greet my classmates haha.And off we went to my class,3 Amal.It was far and actually at the third floor of the F6 building.My legs hurt *cries*
         I've been with the same classmates for 2 years and a half now (I'm editing this post back on 30 May) so I practically know them in the inside and outside.I'm pretty much blessed because I have the craziest,coolest classmates in the world.They might get a little bit annoying sometimes but I guess when we've been together for a long time,annoying is just a word.And sometimes,we will be annoying to each other as a joke! Haha I can't describe in words how much I cherish them and want us to be together forever.

To 3 Amal's students,we've been through a lot of things together.We've taken many condemns from the teachers since 2011.We've cried together,played around together.We get low marks and still laugh.We didn't do our homeworks and still smile.We've done so many things together until we are known as the most popular class among the teachers for being noisy and naughty.Haha we're KRK class and still! But I guess with all this things,our bonds will never be untied and unbreakable.You guys are the most amazing friends I've ever had.Here's to the 2 year and a half friendship and more to come.I love you.

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