Sunday, 7 October 2012


    When I read some blogs , their stories were like very accurate with my life . Eg this is maria elena's blog totally amazing , this is well idk the real name lah but it was a funny blog full with comics about life . So bila aku baca blogs ni my spirit utk tulis blog terus macam mendadak naik and i'll sign in blog and post something random .

   But my spirit of writing blog is not consistent lah . Dia macam kejap nak tulis panjang2 kejap pendek2 and at the end like tak payah tulis lah ! So i realized i can get bored with something easily . I don't think about simple things too much and I only settle those big things lah . Boo to myself . To me , being unconsistent sometimes good and sometimes bad . Kalau good tu i mean kalau tak unconsistent dalam benda tak baik such as tidur dalam kelas ke etc and yang bad pulak like unconsistent in study . And I honestly didn't know how to control my inconsistency. Boo for the second time . Once aku pernah masuk taekwando tau . Mula mula masuk tu memang semangat habis lah but at the middle aku pun dah macam heleh boring lah takwando . so at the end terus sign out dari taekwando .such a waste k . Memang unconsistent =P
This is just a random sunday's post so yeah .

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