Thursday, 8 December 2011

Killing Holidays

Moshi Moshi :D

see the title ? see ? what , KILLING ?! yes babe exactly , killing . haha no worries , it's not even a murder . relax chill lah :D haha okay the meaning of the 'Killing Holidays' are holidays that are so so so boooooorrinnggggg !! lol can boring make someone's die ? i don't know . whut the i'm talking nonsense -.- kay back to the topic . As all malaysia's students know , we are in the middle of school holidays . Yeahh a MONTH of school holidays . wait , that's for other school .as for STAR school , we gained about 1 MONTH and 19 DAYS . WHAT THE ???!!! well of course , we got kicked out from schoool earlier because of SPM . damn , i want to see my crush . imiss him so much :( haha lol .

hmm what are you doing this holidays ? yes you , the creature that is reading this post.i supposed many of my friends are dying with their laptop , ipad , phone , psp , ps3 , ps500 (eh dah keluar ke ?) and sort i'm not that kind of super-hard-fans-of-games-and-gadgets-and-blablabla .phew that was a long text ,haha XD but , as an ordinary , normal girl , i spend my holidays by sleeping , eating , reading novels , faceboook , twitter , blog , messing up my room and some boring stuffs . and believe me , those things WEREN'T INTERESTING AND EXCITING , AT ALL .I couldn't think anything else to do, i wasn't allowed to go hang out with friends . ouchh , damn sad :( but it's okay , i know my parents want me to be safe .hee :) so come one guys , throw an idea to me ! inbox facebook kay , i'll give you 20 bucks for an idea , if it is INTERESTING .haha :D

enough about boring know what ? i'm dying here . i'm dying to meet my crush back .remember mr white i told you before ? yeah he's the one .i miss his smile so much .and he's arrogant face :( everyday i kept stalking his facebook , hoping to see him online and chatting with him .at least it will divide my 'missing him feeling' to half to be thrown away.seriously .but everyday when i looked into his profile , i only saw some bunch of monkey faker girls trying to make him love them . damn damn i wish i could just meet him and say i love you so much . but , no . i never got that chance . now , i just hope that next year , will be a great year :')

kalau ada jodoh kita jumpa lagi .bye :)

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